On The Updide Down Of The World ABNZ

On the Upside Down of the World

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Written By: Arthur Meek

Narrated By: Laurel Devenie

Music By: John Gibson

Audiobook: Audiobooks NZ

Publisher: Profit & Delight

Length: 01:02:38

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Product Description

Based on the diaries of Mary Ann Martin, On The Upside Down of the World is set during the colonisation of the last place on earth. It’s the story of an unlikely female pioneer who blazes a unique trail through the untamed social landscapes of New Zealand’s early history when she’s forced to foster a peculiar Māori boy.

Additional credits:

On the Upside Down of the World was originally commissioned by Auckland Theatre Company, Auckland, New Zealand, and developed with the collaboration of Laurel Devenie.

Produced By: Theo Gibson
Introduction Read By: Mark Ingram
Narrator Direction By: Stuart Devenie
Audiobook Recording By: Ora Simpson
Audiobooks Mastering By: Ora Simpson



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Arthur Meek’s plays include Trees Beneath the Lake (ATC), On the Upside Down of the World (ATC, national & intenational tours), Charles Darwin: Collapsing Creation. (Downstage/ Nelson Festival of the Arts), Dark Stars (Artworks/ international tour), Yolk (Young & Hungry), Mando the Goat Herd(Allen Hall), The Burn (Wellington International Fringe), and The Eeneid (IronBark at the Bush).

He is the co-adaptor of On the Conditions and Possibilities of Hillary Clinton Taking Me as Her Young Lover (La Mama, New York), the previous incarnation of the same play featuring Helen Clark, and Richard Meros Salutes the Southern Man (BATS/ national tour). He is an original member of the musical comedy band The Lonesome Buckwhips, and was the co-creator and star of the television show Feedback (TV2).

Awards include the Harriet Friedlander New York Residency, the Bruce Mason Award for Playwriting and Summer Writer in Residence at the Michael King Writers Centre.

IMAGE: Wallace Chapman